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How to Remove Problem Screws From Lasko Tower Fans

Alexander Callos

Lasko Tower fans are a common fan on the market. They are offered in different models for many types of use around the house. A typical type of Lasko fans is the pedestal tower fan. This fan stands vertical with a flat base and is generally used to move air around on the floor. These fans can be assembled rather quickly by any homeowner. Over time, the screws in these fans may go bad and need to be removed and replaced. This is a task that can be accomplished in only minutes.

  1. Turn off the fan and wait until the blade stops. Unplug the fan's cord from the wall outlet to eliminate any chance of the fan turning on during removal of the screws.

  2. Lay the fan down flat so the base of the fan can be accessed. Inspect the area and locate the screws on each side of the power cord at the center of the base.

  3. Locate the other four screws at the top of the bottom support column in the middle of the fan, attached to the motor base.

  4. Examine all eight screws to determine which ones are causing the problem. Check to make sure they are still cleanly threaded from the top of the screw to the bottom. Verify they are all tightened down and secure to the fan. Inspect them to make sure the heads are not damaged.

  5. Determine which screws need to be removed and replaced. Turn the first problem screw counterclockwise to loosen it from the fan. Continue in the same manner until all of the problem screws have been properly removed.