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How to Disassemble a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Elizabeth Knoll

Many homeowners enjoy the cool breeze a ceiling fan produces. However, there may come a time when you decide to remove or replace your ceiling fan. Hampton Bay's ceiling fans can be disassembled easily for cleaning or removal purposes. If you plan to move the Hampton Bay ceiling fan to a new location, be sure to keep all the screws and parts in a safe place so you can use them again.

  1. Turn off the power supplying the Hampton Bay ceiling fan from the main breaker box.

  2. Back out the screws securing the Hampton Bay ceiling fan's blade arms to the ceiling canopy, using a Phillips screwdriver. If you wish to remove the blades from the blade arms, slide a flathead screwdriver underneath the plastic band on the blade's bottom surface. Push the blade arm back so the screws slide into the blade arm keyhole's larger openings and lift the blade off.

  3. Remove the screws securing the ceiling mounting bracket to the electrical box, using a drill and Phillips driver bit, and slide it down the Hampton Bay ceiling fan's hanger. This exposes the electrical wiring. Pull the electrical wiring connections out of the box. Hold a circuit tester against the wires to ensure no power is being supplied to them.

  4. Unscrew the wire nuts holding the wiring connections together. There will be three wiring connections; green to green, white to white and black to black and blue. Separate all the wires.

  5. Grab onto the hanger with two hands. Lift the hanger up so the ball assembly lifts off the hanger bracket attached to the electrical box. Move the hanger out of the bracket and lower the Hampton Bay ceiling fan to the floor.