How to Replace the Pump in a Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenmore washing machines utilize a drain pump to remove the water from the machine, then pump to the drain line in your house. The drain pump is connected to the drive shaft on the front of the washing machine motor, and is below the wash tub itself. If the drain pump malfunctions, the washing machine may not drain properly, if at all. Replacing the drain pump in your Kenmore washing machine is a straightforward procedure, and doing it yourself allows you to save the money that would have otherwise been spent on a repair technician.

  1. Remove the clothes from the washing machine, then unplug the machine from the wall outlet. If water is still remaining in the wash tub, remove as much as possible, using a bucket or cup.

  2. Remove the two screws securing the control panel to the top of the washing machine cabinet, using a screwdriver. The screws may be on the left and right sides of the front or rear of the control panel. Alternatively, they may be located under two plastic end caps on the front left and right of the panel. If there are no screws, the control panel connects to the cabinet with clips, which must be removed by sliding the putty knife under the control panel and un-clipping.

  3. Rotate the control panel back, then remove any wire harnesses connected to the washing machine cabinet below the control panel. To remove the wire harnesses, squeeze the tab on the back of the connector and pull off.

  4. Unclip the two clips securing the cabinet on the rear left and right sides, then tilt the cabinet toward you, slide it forward and then lift off of the washing machine assembly. If you have difficulty removing the clips, insert a flat-head screwdriver to remove them.

  5. Search for the pump, located under the wash tub, in the front-center of the washing machine assembly.

  6. Unclip the two clips securing it to the motor, then rock the pump back and forth to release it from the motor. Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the clips if they are too tight to remove by hand.

  7. Place a towel under the pump, then use the pliers to move the clamps up the hoses, so that the hoses may be removed from the pump.

  8. Pull the two hoses off the side of the pump. Water may pour out of the hoses, so have enough towels, or a bucket in which to retain the water.

  9. Connect the two hoses to the new pump, then use the pliers to slide the clamps into place so that the hoses are secure.

  10. Align the motor drive shaft with the hole on the back of the the pump, then insert the pump onto the drive shaft and secure with the pump clips that were originally removed.

  11. Replace the washing machine cabinet, snapping it into place with the clips that were originally removed.

  12. Plug the control panel wire harness back into the top of the cabinet, then lower the control panel and secure, using the screws that were originally removed. Restore power to the washing machine to complete the installation.

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