How to Replace Concrete Roof Tile

Like any other type of roof, concrete roof tiles can become cracked or broken with time. Broken roof tiles can cause other problems in your home including water damage and mold due to leaks. Replacing a concrete roof tile is simple and should take less than an hour. Concrete tiles are so heavy they do not need any special adhesives or nails to hold them in place as they are installed. Walk carefully across the roof so you do not crack any other tiles on the roof.

Concrete roof tiles are easy to replace.
  1. Slip the flat end of a pry bar under the top right of the broken or cracked concrete roof tile. Work carefully so you do not damage the surrounding tiles. The pry bar should slightly elevate the tiles above the broken tile.

  2. Slide a flat pry bar under the tile to the left of the broken tile. This should lift the left tile so it is not lying directly on top of the broken tile.

  3. Gently remove the cracked concrete roof tile. You will need to carefully lift the back end of the tile to get it out of place.

  4. Slide the new concrete roof tile in place. Push the back end of the tile far enough so that the front of the tile is flush with the other tiles in the row.

  5. Remove the flat pry bars from under the surrounding tiles. These tiles should rest on top of the new concrete roof tile.