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How to Run Two Ceiling Fans Off of One Remote Control

Marshal M. Rosenthal

Ceiling fan remotes work by sending a wireless signal to a wireless receiver attached to a fan -- the receiver allows electricity to go to the fan's motor so that the blades will rotate. A remote ceiling fan's wireless receiver uses the same channel frequency as that of the remote. To enable a single remote to control two remote ceiling fans simultaneously, change the channel setting on both fans so that they are the same as the channel setting on the remote.

  1. Stand a ladder beneath one of the two ceiling fans that you want to control with the remote. Place the tip of a flat-edged jeweler's screwdriver against the channel frequency selector switch on the slide of the wireless receiver. Typically the channel selector switch will be next to the power switch on the shaft of the fan just below the ceiling plate.

  2. Push the switch with the tip of the flat-edged jeweler's screwdriver so that it now rests against the number "1" setting that is labeled on the side of the switch.

  3. Repeat this procedure with the other ceiling fan (that has a wireless receiver) that you want to control.

  4. Open the battery compartment lid on the back of the remote. Remove the batteries. Place the tip of a flat-edged jeweler's screwdriver against the switch inside the compartment. Push the switch so that it is now against the "1" setting that is printed inside the compartment. Replace the batteries and close the lid.