How to Use the 240/120 Volt Receptacle on a Generator

Portable generators with 120/240V capability typically include a four-prong electrical receptacle for powering 240V appliances, as well as multiple 3-prong receptacles that supply 120V power.
Using the 120/240V receptacle requires changing a control switch from 120V-Only power to 120/240V power. When 240V power is not needed, the switch should remain in the 120V-Only position and the 120/240V receptacle should not be used.

Step 1

Turn off the generator if it is running. Unplug all appliance cords from the generator's receptacles, or make sure all plugged-in appliances are turned off. Starting the generator with appliances plugged in and switched on (applying electrical loads) can damage the generator.

Step 2

Set the generator's voltage selector switch to the 120/240V position to use the 120/240V receptacle.

Step 3

Start the generator. Confirm that all indicator lights report normal operation.

Step 4

Plug your appliance's 4-prong cord into the 120/240V receptacle to supply power to the appliance. Turn on the appliance, as applicable.

Step 5

When the 120/240V receptacle is not needed, turn off the generator and turn off all appliances plugged into the generator, or unplug the appliances. Always remove the plug from the 120/240V receptacle if the appliance is not in use. Switch the voltage selector switch to the 120V-Only position. Do not use the 120/240V receptacle when the switch is in the 120V-Only position.


  • You can use the 120V receptacles at the same time you're using the 120/240V receptacle, but it's important to balance the loads to prevent overloading a circuit. Generators with 120/240V capability have two circuits. In 120V-Only mode, the two circuits share the load of all 120V receptacles. But in the 120/240V mode, the two circuits are split among the receptacles and are more susceptible to overloading. If you're using multiple receptacles while in the 120/240V mode, balance the load by choosing receptacles on different circuits. For help, consult your owners manual or contact the manufacturer.

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