How to Clean Your RV Refrigerator Burner

RV refrigerators operate on propane. Over time, soot, rust and other debris from the venting system collect on the refrigerator's burner, which causes the refrigerator to run less efficiently, prevents proper combustion and, in some cases, creates fuel leaks. Cleaning your RV fridge's burner once a season reduces your fuel consumption and cuts down on wear to the refrigerator components, extending its service life.

Your RV fridge will run more efficiently if cleaned regularly.
  1. Turn off the gas to the refrigerator by turning the gas control valve to the off position.

  2. Remove the screws that hold the refrigerator to the floor using a screwdriver. Pull the fridge forward to expose the burner unit.

  3. Remove the burner unit by disconnecting it from the gas supply and pulling it out.

  4. Soak the gas burner in bucket or other container holding carburetor cleaner for about an hour to remove the soot.

  5. Remove the burner from the carburetor cleaner and allow it to air-dry. Blow compressed air into the burner to remove soot once it begins to dry.

  6. Reconnect the burner and slide the fridge back into position. Tighten the screws and turn the gas back on.

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