Cleaning with Oakite

Oakite cleaning products were developed by Chemetall Americas for the automotive, aerospace and metal fabrication industries.
Oakite cleaning products, like Oakite 31, can help clean rust off of metal.
The Oakite cleaning products, which come in both powder and liquid, can clean and sanitize heavy-duty materials such as steel; but they can also work to treat mineral deposits, and remove paint or grease from places where they are not wanted. At the same time, products like Oakite 12 are still gentle enough for use as a hand sanitizer. .

Step 1

Read the warnings and directions on the Oakite product, to make sure that it is safe to use on the surface or object that needs cleaning. There are over 45 different Oakite products, so it's very important to make sure you are using the right cleaner for the job.

Step 2

Examine your Oakite cleaning product for the correct application method. Depending on the product and what it is used for, application methods for Oakite products range from -- soaking, spraying, brushing, steaming, applying by hand, or with a machine.

Step 3

Mix the formula together. Different Oakite cleaning products -- such as alkaline rust strippers -- require pre-mixing or diluting with water before use. The package instructions will indicate how much, if any, water is needed.

Step 4

Fill the applicator with the formula. The applicator depends on the method required for the different Oakite cleaning products.

If the product uses the immersion method -- such as Oakite 131 -- fill a steel or stainless steel pan with the product and let your items soak.

Likewise, if the product uses the spraying method, fill your pressure sprayer with the mixture.

Many of the products work well with multiple application methods and in that case, you can choose which application method works best for you.

Step 5

Apply the formula. Again, all the Oakite cleaning products are different, and they might require additional steps in the cleaning process -- so pay attention to the directions on the product packaging. For example, Oakite products that are used to clean metal might require you to heat the solution.

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