How to Repair a Jayco Roof Vent on a Pop-Up Camper

Mona Culberson

Roof vents are vital to good air flow in your Jayco pop-up camper. The seams and seals around roof vents can become cracked and worn after prolonged exposure to the elements, reducing the effectiveness of the vent. You can perform your own vent repairs quickly and effectively using self-adhesive roof repair tape. The tape works on all types of motor home roof materials by creating an instant and permanent waterproofing seal. It also bonds permanently to the roof surface giving you years of leak-free camping trips.

Vent repairs are made easy with self-adhesive roof tape.

Step 1

Clean the area surrounding the vent with degreaser. Allow the area to dry completely.

Step 2

Roll out the self-adhesive roof repair tape along one side of the vent. Use scissors to cut the tape off at the appropriate length. Repeat on the remaining three sides of the vent.

Step 3

Lay the repair tape down along the seam on one side of the vent. Remove the backing from the starter edge. Press the starter edge of the tape down onto the surface of the roof. Remove the remainder of the backing slowly, pressing the tape down as you go. Rub the tape firmly into place to activate the bonding material.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the remaining three sides of the vent.

Step 5

Apply a bead of self-leveling roof sealant around the vent with the caulking gun. Fill the seams completely with sealant.