How to Fix Garage Door Gap

Garage door gaps allow pests and weather elements into the garage where they may cause damage to the rest of the house. Garage door gaps may also create a space in which your pets may get through, putting them in possible harm's way. Gaps form between a garage door and driveway as the house and concrete forming the driveway settle. Fortunately, closing the gap is a simple fix and should take only 20 minutes to perform.

Keep weather elements out of your house by closing any gaps in the garage doorway.
  1. Close the garage door. Place the pointed end of the compass on the ground at the widest point of the gap. Expand the compass until the scribe side touches the bottom of the door and tighten the compass screw.

  2. Move the compass to the side, keeping the scribe parallel with the compass's pointed end. Allow the scribe to mark the garage door. Continue until you have covered both sides of the garage door.

  3. Open the garage door halfway. Turn on the jigsaw and cut the garage door along the scribed line. Sand the cut edges down until smooth.

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