How to Remove Grout Sealer Off the Tub

Nathan McGinty

Grout sealer is applied over the grout between tiles to seal the pours in the surface of the grout. This process helps keep mold and mildew from penetrating into the grout and keeps the grout looking fresh. Where grout sealer isn't applied, however, is to your tub. This can happen when you accidentally drip sealer onto the tub while you are putting up new tiles. If this happens, don't panic, you can remove grout sealer off of the tub by trying a few different methods.

  1. Use a clean rag to wipe up the grout sealer. This is best employed immediately after the sealer has spilled onto the tub and before it has a chance to dry. Once you have the sealer cleaned up, rinse the area with another rag soaked in fresh water.

  2. Vacuum up the grout sealer on the tub with a shop vac. This is also effective when the grout sealer is still wet.

  3. Fill up a bucket with warm water. Add a few drops of dishsoap. Dip a nylon brush into the solution and gently scrub the grout sealer. Most tubs are made of either plastic or porcelain, surfaces through which most grout sealers can't penetrate. By gently scrubbing it, you can remove the grout sealer from the surface of the tub.

  4. Use a commercial grout sealer stripper to remove the grout sealer off of the tub. There are many different products on the market for this purpose. Read the instructions before using. The process involves applying a small spot of stripper to the sealer on the tub and then seeing if it works without damaging the tub surface. Use the product to remove grout sealer off the tub once the stripper has been proven to work safely on the bathtub.