How to Build an Indoor Cat Ramp on the Wall

Randal Thomas

Cats love to climb for the simple sake of climbing, so it also helps keep them active and prevents boredom. An indoor cat ramp can consist of a simple plank of wood attached to the side of your wall, allowing your cat to climb and get exercise. Cat owners looking for interesting ways to stimulate their pets and keep them active should biuld a cat ramp on the wall.

  1. Attach all six 3-inch L-braces to the bottom of the 3-inch-by-72-inch plank, using the ½-inch wood screws and the Phillips screwdriver, spacing the L-braces 10 to 12 inches apart. Make sure that the descending half of each L-brace fits flush against the back side of the plank, which will fit against the wall.

  2. Hold the plank of wood against the wall so the L-braces fit flush against the wall. Angle the plank from the baseboard of your wall to the height of a dresser or other piece of furniture (approximately 48 inches) so you don't create too steep of an incline.

  3. Draw a circle through each of the L-brace holes; darken the marks so you can easily see them.

  4. Lay the wood plank on the floor.

  5. Drill holes in the pencil marks in the wall, using a drill fitted with a ¼-inch drill bit.

  6. Insert a ½-inch plastic drywall screw plug into each hole, tapping it firmly into place with the rubber mallet.

  7. Hold the wood plank against the wall, centering the plastic drywall screw plugs within the L-brace holes.

  8. Attach the wood plank to the wall using the ½-inch wood screws and the Phillips screwdriver. Tighten the screws only until they fit flush against the L-brace. Over-tightening them can strip the screw plug.