How to Reverse an Electric Meter

Reversing your electrical meter can be achieved if you generate more electricity than you consume. The most common solution available to households is solar electricity. You must generate more electricity than you are consuming and your electrical meter will run in reverse, as you feed electricity that you are not using back into the electric grid. There are other methods that generate electricity that you can use, including wind power.

Solar panels will generate electricity for you.

Step 1

Contact a construction engineer to perform an energy audit.  Inform the engineer of your interest in generating power; the engineer will inform you of the most efficient system for your particular home. The engineer will also inform you of what systems you can install in your county legally. 

Step 2

Install solar panels.  The solar panels will generate electricity from the solar rays allowing you to consume little to no power from the power company. If you generate more electricity than you use, your electrical meter will spin in reverse. 

Step 3

Install wind towers.  Depending on your energy audit and county laws, you might be able to install a wind turbine. The wind tower will generate electricity from the wind.  If you generate more wind energy than you use in your house, your electrical meter will spin in reverse.

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