My GE Self-Cleaning Oven Won't Unlock

The General Electric self-cleaning oven is available with many different cooking features, such as accurate temperature sensing, a warming drawer, convection cooking, an electric display and control pad, and variable broil. The self-cleaning feature allows users to set the oven to automatically clean, a process which takes between two and four hours total. During this time, the oven automatically locks to prevent access while the internal temperature is raised during the cleaning process. If the oven does not unlock, users may wish to perform some troubleshooting efforts to potentially resolve the problem.

  1. Wait at least one hour after the completion of the self-cleaning cycle before attempting to open the oven door. The oven must cool appropriately before the door will unlock automatically.

  2. Press "Clear/Off" to cancel the self-clean cycle if the function is still in process. Allow sufficient time for the oven to cool before trying to open the door.

  3. Press and hold "Control Lockout" if "Loc On" appears on the control display. Wait 3 seconds and release to release the control lock.

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