Corner Desk Assembly Directions

A space-saving corner desk is a perfect addition to a home office or bedroom.

Create an organized work space with a corner desk.
It can turn an empty corner into an organized work space. This style of desk can double the surface space for your computer, printer, phone or materials you need for homework or study. Buying a desk in pieces and putting them together may seem like a big task but you can assemble this type of desk yourself to avoid paying someone else to do it. .

Remove all the hardware and desk parts from the box and organize them so you are able to find what you need easily. Make sure that all of the listed hardware is there. You should have seven pieces of wood for the desk, an Allen key, 22 1/4-inch spring washers, 22 1/4-inch flat washers and 22 1/4-inch-by-25 mm bolts.

Take the front right side panel marked "C" and attach it to the rear right side panel marked "E." Put a bolt, flat washer and spring washer into each of the drilled holes and turn with the Allen key until they are in but not tight. Repeat this process using the front left side panel marked "B" and the rear left side panel marked "D."

Turn the top of the desk, marked "A," upside down and place both of the already assembled pieces on top. Place a bolt, flat washer and spring washer to in each of the drilled holes on both pieces and turn with the Allen key, but not too tight.

Take the back panel marked "F" and slide it into the slots located on each of the side panels. Attach this back piece using a bolt, flat washer and spring washer in the drilled holes on each side.

Turn the desk upright to attach the keyboard tray that is marked "G." It will have premounted glides that fit right under the desk top. Adjust the bottoms of the legs if needed to level the desk. Tighten all of the bolts using your Allen key.


  • Wait to tighten the bolts fully until after the entire desk is assembled.


  • Power tools are not recommended for this project because they can split the wood or even damage hardware.