How to Extend the Drain Pipe on the Sump Pump

Ashton Daigle

Your sump pump's drain or outflow pipe is the pipe that runs from where your pump rests to the outside of your house. Typically, outflow pipes run through a wall or inside area just to outside your home where the water can drain away. However, there may come a time when you need to extend your drain pipe. Extending your sump pump's drain pipe is only a matter of adding more pipe, and possibly an elbow or other connector.

  1. Turn off your sump pump and unplug it.

  2. Wipe and clean off the end of your existing sump pump outflow pipe with an old rag. Remove any dirt or grime and dry it off thoroughly.

  3. Swab the end of your outflow pipe with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) glue and attach a female PVC connector end to it.

  4. Clean one end of the new PVC pipe that you are going to use as an extension drain pipe. Apply PVC glue to one end and attach a male PVC connector end.

  5. Apply PVC glue to the male end of the drain pipe and then connect that male end to the female connector you just attached to the existing outflow pipe.

  6. Allow 1 to 2 hours for the freshly glued connection to dry before plugging in your sump pump and turning it back on.