How to Paint Damtite Waterproofing

Meg Butler

Damtite waterproofing is a cement-based powder that goes on like paint when you mix it with water. It keeps porous surfaces like masonry, brick and concrete water tight by filling in and sealing the pores. While Damtite is great for waterproofing, it is dull, gray and not aesthetically ideal. For a more attractive look to decorative bird baths, fountains or walls, simply paint over Damtite. According to the manufacturer's website, Damtite makes a great waterproof basecoat for subsequent paint layers.

Use any color oil-based paint to spruce up Damtite waterproofing.
  1. Allow Damtite to cure for at least 10 days before applying a top coat of paint.

  2. Scrub the waterproofed surface with a rag moistened with soapy water if it has been more than a month or so since you applied the Damtite. Then towel dry with a lint-free towel.

  3. Apply a single coat of oil-based paint to the surface with a spray can, paint sprayer, paintbrush or paint roller. The application method does not matter. The paint type does. Oil-based paint adheres well to the concrete additives in Damtite waterproofing.

  4. Allow the first coat to dry for the manufacturer recommended amount of time.

  5. Apply a second coat of paint.

  6. Allow the paint to dry. If the painted item has a use, like a bird bath or fountain, allow the paint to cure for 72 hours before using the item.