Lennox Fireplace Directions

Lennox is a company that produces gas-operated fireplace inserts. These fireplaces are more environmentally friendly than a traditional fireplace. These fireplaces use gas to light a small fire in the stove. The fireplaces do not burn wood and can hold an even temperature. Using the fireplace inserts is a simple process. However, if you run across any problems, such as the pilot light not starting, then you should call a professional service technician right away to resolve the problem. Gas leaks are dangerous and should not be ignored.

Place the grate into the center of the fireplace over the burners. Place the log, which is a basic rectangular shape with two holes in the center, with the back of the log touching the baffle pins. Align the holes in the bottom of the log over the burner pins.

Place the fat forked log over the back of the first log, with the forked section of the log pointing up. Place the curved shape log over the left front corner of the first log with the grooves touching the grate. Align the smaller forked log between the two sides of the first log with the forked end pointing up. Place the last short log diagonally over the other logs on the middle of the right side of the grate.

Turn the wall switch located on the wall near the fireplace to the "Off" position. Turn the knob located in the fireplace controls under the fireplace box to the "Off" position. Wait five minutes for any gas to dissipate.

Turn the unit knob to the "On" position. Watch the pilot light located near the fireplace burners to see if it comes on. If it does not come on within about three seconds, turn the knob off again and wait five minutes before turning it on again.

Turn the burner control knob to the desired heat output setting. Set the temperature control located in the control panel to the desired temperature. Close the control door.

Turn off the electric power to the unit when you wish to turn the fireplace off completely. You can do this by disconnecting the electrical plug.

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