How to Measure for an Awning

Awnings are decorative as well as functional additions to your home. They are often made of weather-resistant materials, such as canvas or aluminum. The awnings provide shelter from the rain over door entrances, patios and decks around your home. They are also useful over home windows to add curb appeal and prevent rain from coming in open windows. Measuring your home for awnings is an uncomplicated process. The awnings will allow you to unlock your doors in comfort when entering your home and enable you to entertain on patio and deck areas during rainstorms.

Awnings provide decorative protection from the sun's hot rays.

Step 1

Measure the width that you want for your awning. Keep in mind that downspouts and light fixtures may be in the way. Take care to measure in an area that has a clear span without obstructions. Most window awnings should be mounted six to 12 inches above a window, according to the Sunshine Awning Company website. Patio awnings should allow six to 12 inches above any existing doors.

Step 2

Write down your measurements as you take them on a sheet of paper.

Step 3

Add extra inches to your window measurements to allow for frames that pop out from the wall. You can mount the awnings directly next to the window frames or wider than the frames by up to 12 inches on either side for the best look.

Step 4

Use the tape measure or yardstick to calculate how much projection is necessary for your deck or patio awning. This is particularly important if you want it to cover a barbecue grill or patio table effectively. Some people like for their patio or deck awnings to extend beyond the wood or concrete area so that many people can sit under it comfortably without feeling raindrops or the heat from the sun.

Step 5

Take the measurements with you to shop for an awning.

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