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How to Glue a Felt Seal on a Dryer

Mason Howard

Lining the ends of dryer drums, felt seal strips prevent scraping, rattling or squeaking and keep clothes from getting stuck in the space between the drum and the dryer walls. If a seal is deteriorating, its residue can cause streaking on clothing. Purchase a felt repair kit for your particular dryer model and remove the dryer drum for repair, if the seal is worn. Repair kits should come with adhesive. If not, use a high-heat type of adhesive.

Maintain a properly functioning dryer by replacing worn or damaged parts.
  1. Scrape off any remaining old felt with a putty knife or razor blade. Remove remaining, hardened adhesive left from the old felt with adhesive remover.

  2. Clean the track where the felt goes with rubbing alcohol. Allow it to dry.

  3. Apply a single bead of adhesive along felt seal track.

  4. Insert one end of the felt into the felt seal track on the drum. Wrap the felt around so that the opposite ends meet and the felt strip fully encircles the drum.

  5. Run your finger along the felt to press it into place. Quickly wipe up any glue that oozes out with a damp rag.

  6. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least two hours.