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How to Paint a Fake Window

Sidney Johns

Adding a fake window can give a fresh look to a plain room. Some interior rooms in homes are windowless, especially rooms in basement areas or in places meant for privacy such as a bathroom or dressing room. With an artistic touch, you can create a fake window to replace the real thing in such rooms. If you are not very artistic, plan to keep the project simple or contact an artist to complete the task.

  1. Plan the area for the fake window, and put four pencil dots on the wall to mark the spot.

  2. Use a measuring stick and a level to connect the dots on the wall with a pencil. This gives you straight, level lines to begin the project.

  3. Draw the panes or window divisions. Use the level and measuring stick to divide the drawn square into sections to represent the panes of a window.

  4. Draw a landscape. Decide what you want the scene outside the fake window to be, and draw it in with a pencil.

  5. Paint the window. Begin by painting the area meant to be the physical window, including the areas for panes. Then move to the drawn landscape.