Kenmore Dryer Model 110 Won't Start

A Kenmore dryer that will not start is not necessarily a reason to be concerned.

In fact, it is likely that the problem that is causing the dryer to not start as it should is a minor issue that you can manage yourself. Kenmore recommends that Kenmore 110 dryer owners attempt to troubleshoot a dryer that will not start on their own before calling for service. .

Check your home's breaker box. There are two breaker switches that control the flow of electricity to the outlet you are using for your Kenmore dryer. Slide both of these switches over to the "On" position if either is currently turned off.

Insert an ohmmeter into the dryer outlet to get a reading on the voltage that is coming from the outlet. Your Kenmore dryer requires a 240-volt power supply. If the outlet you are using does not meet this requirement, the dryer will not start.

Press firmly on the dryer plug. A dryer plug that is not fully inserted into the wall outlet likely will not allow the dryer to start.

Push the dryer door until you hear a click. This click lets you know the door is closed.

Press and hold the "Start" button for between two and five seconds, particularly if you are washing a large load.

Things You Will Need

  • ohmmeter