How to Add a Wireless System to a Wired Alarm System

There are many benefits to using a commercial alarm security system. After all, you can ensure that the security system was professionally set up with state of the art security devices and that any trigger of the alarm will alert the police and emergency services. However, monthly payment plans might limit the amount of home defense you want in order to sleep well at night. One remedy for this is to combine a customized wireless security system with an existing wired security alarm system. It can be done rather quickly and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Wired alarm systems can contain wireless security devices to strengthen household defenses.

Step 1

Purchase a wireless receiver for hard-wired alarm system control panels. This wireless receiver will make it possible for your wired alarm system to contain wireless components.

Step 2

Mount the wireless receiver next to the commercial alarm system control panel using the screws that came with it. Use the instruction manual to tell you how to connect the wires of the wireless receiver to the alarm control panel.

Step 3

Decide how many motion detectors, door and window sensors you might need for the house. Most wireless receivers can take up to 10 or 12. Ideally, every window and outside entrance should consist of these devices in order to add extra protection to your household.

Step 4

Install the wireless transmitter ID number for each wireless security device to the receiver. Once this is done, the wireless receiver will be able to determine the status of each wireless security device. For example, it will alert you if a battery is running low or if one of the sensors isn’t working properly.

Step 5

Label each wireless security device on your sensor. This will help you know the location of each device in case you have to check a battery or if movement was detected in a specific location.

Step 6

Test this system and make sure every wireless sensor and motion detector is working properly. Most importantly, test to make sure that the wired alarm security system is working in conjunction with the wireless components. Police and emergency medical services should now be able to be alerted if any of the wireless security devices are triggered.

Things You Will Need

  • Wireless receiver
  • Wireless motion detectors
  • Wireless sensors

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