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Why a Nexxt 300 Series Bosch Dryer Won't Dry

Dan Ketchum

Make sure your Bosch Nexxt 300 is cool, clean, ventilated and ready to dry like it's brand new with some troubleshooting tips.

Why a Nexxt 300 Series Bosch Dryer Won't Dry

A dryer that won't dry is just about as useless as a chocolate teapot, as the saying goes, but don't sweat it – electric dryers like those in the Bosch Nexxt 300 series have an average lifespan of about 14 years, so there's a pretty good chance your dryer isn't a 120-pound paperweight just yet.

Before you turn to the pros, start with straightforward troubleshooting tips direct from the manufacturer to get this electric front-loader back on track, and get yourself wrapped up in those fresh-out-of-the-dryer blankets in no time.

Cover the Basics

Before moving on to more involved troubleshooting, try switching your Nexxt 300 off for 30 minutes and leaving it to cool down before restarting it. There's a chance the dryer may have simply overheated or reached its motor temperature limit.

Similarly, the appliance may not operate properly if conditions in the laundry room aren't optimal. Make sure your space is properly ventilated with a hefty supply of fresh air. If the area is particularly drafty, increase the room temperature to at least 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Nexxt 300 may sport 18,500 BTU of heating power, but like any dryer, it's not designed to dry totally soaked clothes. If your clothes are sopping, put them back in the washer for a high-speed spin cycle before trying again.

Keep It Clean

As the name implies, vented dryers like those in the Nexxt 300 series rely on ventilation to dry your clothes efficiently; if the ventilation is blocked, the machine can't do its job.

Remove lint from the lint filter – the removable cartridge located at the bottom of the dryer's front-loading portal – by hand before every load and scrub it with warm, soapy water twice a year, allowing it to dry fully before reinserting it. While you're down there, wipe the moisture sensor – the two small bars next to the filter – using a cloth lightly dampened by white vinegar. This removes buildup, ensuring that the moisture sensor is operating properly. Give it a wipe-down once a month.

If the Nexxt 300 still isn't drying, it's time to break out the shop vac. Switch off your circuit breaker, unplug the dryer and disconnect the duct from behind the appliance, then give the interior of the duct a thorough vacuuming to remove any clogs. Give the entire interior drum of the dryer a detailed once-over, too.

Consult the Pros

If your dryer's problems persist, visit Bosch-Home.com's Service Assistant and enter the appliance's model number to access a database of additional usage, maintenance and troubleshooting tips straight from the manufacturer.

For a Nexxt 300 in need of parts replacement or professional repairs, call Bosch directly at 1-800-944-2904 to book service. To expedite the process, have your model and serial number handy before picking up the phone.