Why a Nexxt 300 Series Bosch Dryer Won't Dry

The Bosch Nexxt 300 Series dryer offers users several options, such as wrinkle protection, a fine mesh lint trap, a stainless steel drum, moisture and temperature monitoring, and a quiet motor.

The Bosch dryer should function well with typical maintenance and care. However, problems may occasionally occur with the dryer, such as if it will not dry clothes, which can make the dryer's other features of little use. Some reasons why the dryer will not heat are fairly simple and can be resolved by the user while other causes may require professional repair.

Examine the power cord and ensure it is plugged firmly into the Bosch dryer as well as a functioning power supply. Reset the circuit breaker if necessary.

Shut the dryer door firmly, select the desired cycle and push "Start/Stop" to initiate a drying cycle. The dryer will not begin operation unless a cycle is chosen and the "Start" button is pushed. Avoid choosing "Fluff," "Air Dry" or "No Heat" cycles, as no heat is generated during these cycles and items may not dry as a result.

Turn up the heat in the area where the dryer is in use. If the ambient temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the dryer will not provide adequate heat to dry wet items.

Turn off the dryer and lift out the lint trap from the dryer's interior. Clean off the lint trap and return it to the dryer. If the filter is filled with lint or debris, it can restrict proper heating and airflow.

Pour a small amount of white vinegar onto a clean cloth and wipe the moisture sensor, which is located to the left of the lint screen on the inside of the dryer door. If the moisture sensor is dirty, it can cause the dryer to malfunction due to incorrect moisture readings.

Contact Bosch for additional assistance if the issue remains, as potential reasons include a broken belt, motor, pulley, fuse or timer, and these problems require professional repair.

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