How to Assemble a Graco Bassinet

Bassinets are sleeping and changing devices generally used for infants up to approximately six months.

Graco produces many types of infant and toddler gear and accessories, including infant bassinets. Before you can use a Graco bassinet, you need to assemble it as it comes in numerous pieces. You can do this without tools since all you need to do is snap the pieces together.

Take the adjustable main frame piece, extend each side fully and insert each of the four bottom connectors into the two rocking base pieces (with the turning knobs facing outwards).

Place the two 45-degree angle pieces in the holes, angling outwards, on top of the main frame piece, and then snap the accessories basket together on top of it.

Push the two arched pieces into the holes on the top four corners of the bassinet base, angling outwards. Once connected, lift the whole base up by the arches. It should lift up as a whole, without any pieces rattling together. The base for the bassinet is now complete and ready for the bassinet itself.

Wrap the bassinet cover over the oval-shaped bassinet, snap the wires under the clips on both sides away from each other and then fold the remaining part of the cover over to the outside edge.

Insert the bassinet into the base by placing one side in first and then pushing the other side down until it rests evenly on each side.

Snap the canopy into the connectors on each side of the bassinet and adjust it to the desired position. Your Graco bassinet is now assembled and ready for use.


  • Consult the manual that came with your Graco bassinet for images that may help you with the assembly process.

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