How to Make a Bamboo Planter

Bamboo is an attractive building option for a variety of home décor projects.

You can find dried bamboo poles in a range of thicknesses, from thin reeds to large poles. Online bamboo retailers often have the best selection of dried bamboo products, but your local lumber supply may also carry bamboo poles. To make a bamboo planter, you'll need thicker poles for the structural support and thinner poles to fill in the planter's sides. Adjust the dimensions of the planter frame to create any size bamboo planter that fits your space.

Cut four 3-inch diameter dried bamboo poles to measure 2-feet long each. These are the corner/vertical support posts for the bamboo planter frame. Cut eight 15-inch long by 2-inch diameter dried bamboo poles. These poles are the horizontal supports for the bamboo planter frame.

Mark one side of each 2-foot long, 3-inch diameter bamboo pole, 4 inches from each end. Make a 1/4 turn with each 3-inch diameter pole and make two more marks 4 inches from each end. Drill a 2-inch diameter hole through the marks; do not drill all the way through the pole, just the sides with the marks.

Insert a 2-inch diameter bamboo pole inside the rim of the two holes on one side of one 3-inch diameter bamboo pole. Glue the 2-inch diameter pole in place by running a ring of clear, waterproof construction adhesive around the seam where the 2-inch diameter pole meets the 3-inch diameter pole.

Fit another 3-inch diameter pole over the exposed ends of the two 2-inch poles that are attached to the first 3-inch pole. Glue the seams together. This is one side of the bamboo planter.

Follow the procedure outlined in the previous two steps to join all of the 2-inch diameter horizontal supports to the four 3-inch diameter corner/vertical supports. Let the adhesive dry overnight.

Cut 60 16-inch long by 1-inch diameter dried bamboo poles. This gives you 15 poles for each side of the bamboo planter. Cut 10 15-inch long by 1-inch diameter bamboo poles. These poles are the horizontal supports for each side mat.

Place 15 16-inch long by 1-inch diameter poles side-by-side vertically, with the edges touching. Run a line of clear, waterproof construction adhesive horizontally across the poles, 4 inches from the top and 4 inches from the bottom. Place a 15-inch long pole horizontally across the vertical poles, on top of each glue line. Repeat this step to make three more bamboo mats, one for each side of the planter. Let the glue dry overnight.

Flip the bamboo planter frame upside down. Measure the dimensions between two opposing sides of the planter frame. Add 2 inches to this measurement. Cut 1-inch diameter bamboo poles equal to this measurement. Make a mat to fit between the opposing sides. The width of the mat should fit between the corner poles. Glue the ends of the mat on top of the opposing 2-inch diameter poles. Let the glue dry.

Glue each bamboo mat to the horizontal supports poles on the sides of the bamboo frame with clear, waterproof construction adhesive. Let the adhesive dry for at least 24 hours.

Things You Will Need

  • 3-inch diameter dried bamboo poles
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • 2-inch diameter dried bamboo poles
  • Marker
  • Hole saw
  • Clear, waterproof construction adhesive
  • 1-inch diameter dried bamboo poles

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