How to Vacuum the Inside of a Clothes Dryer

Every clothes dryer has a lint trap that you must empty out on a regular basis. However, if you are lax on emptying your lint trap, it can overfill and cause excess lint to collect both inside the dryer and inside the dryer vent tubing, causing a fire hazard. To clean everything out, you can use a vacuum with a hose attachment. This will help you remove all of the lint and dust bunnies hiding in your dryer.

it is important to keep your dryer lint free.
  1. Pull the dryer vent out of your dryer. The vent usually goes into a port located on the top of the dryer or it goes inside the dryer directly behind the door.

  2. Pull the lint off the dryer with your hand. Since this lint is easily removed, there is no need to sweep it up with your vacuum.

  3. Attach the narrow hose nozzle to your vacuum hose and place the nozzle into the vent trap compartment. Turn on the vacuum and suck all of the excess lint out of the compartment. The compartment connects to the vent that exits out the back of the dryer. Place the lint trap back into the compartment.

  4. Inspect the drum inside the dryer for any dryer lint. If you locate any, attach the bristle brush nozzle onto you vacuum hose and vacuum all the lint off the drum. There is usually very little lint inside the drum. The only time you will see a lot of lint is when the lint trap and dryer vent have excessive clogging.

  5. Slide the dryer away from the wall and locate the silver flexible hose connected to the back of the dryer. The hosing secures to the dryer vent port with a band clamp. Loosen the band clamp with a screwdriver and pull the vent off the vent port.

  6. Attach the straight attachment to your vacuum hose and vacuum all of the lint from inside the dryer vent port. Again, the port goes directly to the lint trap so you will not damage anything by vacuuming out the port.

  7. Stretch the silver flexible hose out and vacuum the inside of it. If you have a long flexible hose, the lint can get trapped inside the hose and build up.

  8. Slide the flexible vent hose onto the dryer vent port and tighten the band clamp with the screwdriver.

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