How to Build a Mortar Mixer

David Coodin

Every contractor has a mortar mixer, but building your own is inexpensive and not overly difficult. Mortar is necessary for binding bricks together in whatever project you are working on. Having your own mortar mixer will allow you to build large projects more quickly, without having to spend money on renting one.

A homemade mortar mixer is cheaper and just as effective as a store-bought one.
  1. Start by constructing the in-the-drum paddles that will do the mixing. Work on the metal with your hammer and hacksaw to make three blades. Link the blades together using the metal brackets. Install the stirring mechanism into the tub by boring three holes for the 1/4-inch bolts.

  2. Create an iron pipe frame for your mortar mixer. Thread the galvanized iron pipe together and mount rollers using bolts. Attach the central pipe cross to the tub, along with a gear.

  3. Seal the washing machine tub with auto body putty to prevent it from leaking. Spread the putty liberally and evenly throughout the inside of the tub.

  4. To operate the mortar mixer, simply pull the tub hand-over-hand. If this is too difficult, attach handles to the outside of the drum, one opposite each paddle.