How to Make a Wood & Glass Door

A wood and glass frame can create a look of elegance. The door can be installed as an outside door with the use of insulated glass or as an inside door with a single pane of glass. Glass and wood doors are not difficult to make and require only a few woodworking tools. The wood can be stained to match the other trim of the house or painted to create an eye-catching entrance to a home.

  1. Measure the size of your door opening with the tape measure. Most door openings are 36-by-80 inches, which is what we will use for this tutorial. But if your door opening is a different size, customize the measurements to your needs.

  2. Cut two pieces of oak 2-by-6 inch wood to 80 inches long and two pieces to 24-1/2 inches long.

  3. Set the blade on the table saw so that only 1/2-inch of the blade is exposed above the saw table.

  4. Place a piece of wood on a 2-inch side and line it up with the blade so that the blade will cut a 1/2-inch groove along the edge of wood. Use a board guide to help keep the board in place while cutting the notch in the length of the board. Repeat this process for the rest of the boards.

  5. Measure 1/2-inch from the end of a short board and mark the location. Use a chisel and hammer to cut a notch into the end of the board so that it will slide into the 1/2-inch groove at the top of the long piece. Remove the wood on both sides of the board starting 1/2-inch inch from the end of the board. This process needs to be repeated at the other end of the board and on both ends of the other short board. These pieces will make the top and bottom pieces of door frame. Check the fit of the short pieces into the ends of the long pieces.

  6. Place the glass across two workhorses and slid a long piece of wood over the edge of the glass on one side.

  7. Spread wood on the notched part of the wood and slide it into the end of the long piece that is extending past the glass. Make sure the glass is sitting in the notch of both pieces. If necessary, use a hammer to tap the piece into place. Repeat the process with the other short piece at the bottom of the door. Make sure the edges of the wood pieces are flush.

  8. Spread wood glue on the other ends of the short pieces and slide the long piece for the other side of the door over the ends of the short top and bottom pieces. Take care to make sure the glass sits in the groove cut in the edge of the wood.

  9. Finish securing the frame together by inserting finishing nails through the front of the long pieces and into the notched portion of the shorter pieces at the top and the bottom of the door. Do this at each of the corners where the pieces slide together.

  10. Stain the wood as desired and allow the door to dry completely.

  11. Place a bead of clear silicone along the edge of the glass where the door and the glass meet. This will help to stabilize the glass in the wood frame and seal the door against drafts.