How do I Repair a Sliding Glass Door that Sticks When Opening?

Sliding glass doors can get sticky and very hard to open. The main cause of a sticking sliding glass door is debris in the track of the door. This debris can cause friction between the door and track, which causes it to stick. If you don't clean out the door track regularly, the debris can cause your door to remain stuck in its track. Cleaning out the sliding door's track regularly helps to prevent sticking.

Sliding glass doors add elegance and light to your home.
  1. Close the door. Clean out the lower and upper tracks with an old stiff toothbrush . Wipe away the debris with a cloth

  2. Open the door all the way. Scrub the lower and upper tracks with an old stiff toothbrush to remove debris. Wipe out debris with a cloth.

  3. Inspect the track for bent pieces. Replace damaged pieces if needed by removing the door and unscrewing the damaged track.

  4. Apply a greaseless lubricant to the door's rollers according to the manufacturer's instructions. Avoid spraying the track with the lubricant.


  • Sliding glass doors are heavy, so have someone help you if you need to remove the door.

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