How to Install Victaulic Fittings

Victaulic fittings provide a secure, watertight connection between two or more pieces of sprinkler pipe, increasing the efficiency of a sprinkler system. Inside the fitting is a double-flanged gasket that sits in a pressed groove near the end of the sprinkler pipe and sprinkler fitting. Improperly installing the Victaulic fitting on the end of the pipe will cause the gasket to miss the pressed groove and allow water to pass beyond the edges of the fitting. This reduces the pressure of the water inside the sprinkler system and can cause the system to fail if a fire should start in a structure.

  1. Dip the end of a small brush in Victaulic-approved lubricant. Apply the lubricant to both angled sides of the gasket inside the Victaulic fitting.

  2. Align the lubricated Victaulic fitting with one end of a piece of sprinkler pipe. The hex nuts of the fitting should be facing toward an accessible location. Push the fitting onto the end of the sprinkler pipe until you feel the gasket fall into the pipe recess.

  3. Insert a second pipe section. Slide one end of a second piece of sprinkler pipe into the other end of the lubricated Victaulic fitting.

  4. Match a socket with one of the hex nuts on the Victaulic fitting. Attach the socket to the end of a ratchet handle.

  5. Tighten the hex nuts. Turn each hex nut clockwise with the socket and ratchet handle until both nuts are tight.

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