How to Clean Sheer Blinds

With their delicate appearance and ability to let in warmth and sunlight, sheer blinds add an attractive decorative accent to many homes. Despite their delicate appearance, sheer blinds will endure much use, and you can easily clean them in about five minutes. Periodic cleaning of your sheer blinds can keep them looking great and lasting for years.

Clean blinds reflect more light than dirty blinds.
  1. Pull the pantyhose over the opening for the vacuum's hose attachment and secure with the rubber band.

  2. Run the hose over the back, outdoor-facing portion of the blinds. This will prevent dust from attaching itself to the window pane. Vacuum each slat of the blind individually for the best results.

  3. Run the hose over the front, inward-facing portion of the blinds.

  4. Mix the mild dish soap and warm water.

  5. Clean stains and spots using the soap mixture and sponge. Do not use stain removers or solvents, as these could discolor the blinds.

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