How to Use Blinds for Closet Doors

Lisa Wampler

Use a set of vertical blinds in place of a traditional closet door. These blinds are often used to cover large bay windows and sliding glass doors so they can be made to fit over a door opening for a closet. But don't use horizontal venetian blinds to act as a closet door. In most cases, they are not long enough to reach from the top of the door opening to the bottom, and every time you want to get into your closet you have to roll the blinds up.

  1. Measure the height of your closet door opening from the top of the molding to the floor with a tape measure. White the measurement down. Measure from the outside of the door molding on the left side of the closet to the outside of the door molding on the right side. Add 12-inches and write the measurement down. Buy a vertical blind that has these dimensions. Do not measure the inside dimensions of the door opening. Installing the blind over the door opening will allow you to open the blind without limiting the width of the door opening.

  2. Put a mark 2 inches above the molding on the top of the doorway. Hold the bracket up to the 2-inch mark, center it above the door width-wise, and mark the mounting holes in the bracket onto the wall.

  3. Drill holes through each mark. Press a wall anchor into each hole. This will add extra rigidity to the bracket.

  4. Place the bracket onto the wall and line up the holes. Drive the supplied screws through the bracket and into the wall with the screwdriver.

  5. Snap the head rail into the mounting bracket. This process will differ slightly depending on the model of blind. However, usually you snap the front of the head rail onto the bracket and then push the backside of the head rail up into the bracket to lock it in place.

  6. Push the louvers or vanes into the clips on the head rail. They simply snap into place. Thread the cord through the loops on the cord weight and tassels and tie a knot in the cord to hold them in place.

  7. Secure the cord pulley to the wall beside the blind with the supplied screws and a screwdriver. Position the cord pulley at a height comfortable to you. Although the pulley does not bear any weight, use wall anchors to help secure the screws into the wall since you will pull on the cord attached to the pulley to open the blind.