Installation Instructions for a Grohe Kitchen Faucet

If you have purchased a Grohe faucet and need to install it, you'll find the one-hole design very helpful. This means that all the hoses go into one hole in your sink. The spout and handle attach to the sink and base in one unit. Installation will require some basic knowledge about kitchen fixtures and the ability to use a few common tools.

  1. Thread the faucet hoses through the sink mounting hole and into the attachment bracket, which is a triangular-shaped nut with a washer and gasket, underneath the sink. Tighten the washer and nut to secure the faucet body in place.

  2. Thread the other end of the hose through the spout of the faucet and push the hose through the faucet body

  3. Attach the spout to the faucet body by pushing it into the spout hole and snapping it in place. Connect the sprayer hose to the sprayer head by inserting the hose into the base of the sprayer.

  4. Connect the spring and stop to the faucet hose under the sink by inserting the hose into the part. Connect the sprayer hose to the other end of the stop, which directs water to the faucet and sprayer hose.

  5. Connect the snap coupler onto the sprayer hose and turn it by hand to tighten it underneath the sink. Connect the top of the coupling to the faucet hose union, by pulling the ring on top of the coupling down and inserting the hose union into it. Release the ring to secure the connection.

  6. Connect the water lines to the faucet. Screw on the cold water hose (often blue) to the cold water pipe cap, using a wrench to tighten. Duplicate for the hot water hose on the other side.

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