How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Refrigerator for Leaks

Refrigerators produce a small amount of water when cooling products. Usually this water collects toward the back of the unit and fills up a drip pan. If the drain pan is full or your fridge is producing too much water, you may find leaks appearing toward the front of the fridge. Most leaks are simple to repair and do not indicate broken components. Excess water inside the unit can indicate a problem with the defrost unit, however, which a professional should look at if it is the root of the problem.

A leaking fridge may be leaning too far forward.
  1. Place a spirit level on top of the fridge with one end facing towards the back of the unit. Prop the back end of the spirit level up with two quarters and check the spirit bubble. It should indicate the fridge is level. Remove the front panel at the base of the unit by pulling it off, if the fridge is leaning too far forward. Insert a screwdriver into the foot adjustment holes and turn to adjust the feet height.

  2. Inspect the drain pan underneath the unit once you remove the front panel. Lift up on the drain pan and pull it out to drain it. A full drain pan may cause leaking.

  3. Pull the fridge out from the wall if there are leaks coming from the back and your unit has an ice maker or water supply line. Check the supply line for leaks. Tighten the compression nut on the water supply line if the leak is coming from the nut. Replace the line if it is broken.

  4. Turn off the fridge and remove the back panel from the freezer area by removing the screws to expose the drain line. Blow some air into the drain hole using a can of compressed air. This blows out any debris.