How to Connect Chain Links

When installing a chain link fence, you may end up with a section of the fence where the wire chain link ends before the fence frame ends. In this situation, you need to connect the links in one end of a chain link fence roll to the end of another roll to continue adding wire to the fence. A single link, removed from one end of the fencing will do the trick. Woven between the two ends of each wire roll, this link will seamlessly tie the two together.

Properly installed, each section of chain link fence is seamless.
  1. Pry apart the folded ends of the two end links on both sides of one of the rolls of chain link with the pliers. Unhook the unfolded ends from each other.

  2. Rotate the outer loose link in a corkscrew manner to remove it from the roll. You now have a loose link that is free from the roll and a loose link that is still attached to the roll.

  3. Place the end of the roll with the loose link still attached next to the end of the other roll.

  4. Insert the free loose link into the top link in the end of the other roll, then corkscrew the link down to catch both the loose link attached to the first roll and the end link in the other roll until the link is completely in place and has joined the two ends together.

  5. Hook the ends of the two loose links together. Fold the ends of the links to join them again. The two rolls of chain link are now joined together seamlessly.

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