How to Use Citronella Logs Outdoors

Citronella logs are high density and well-suited for use in outdoor fireplaces, chimeneas and fire pits.

Burn citronella logs in an outdoor fireplace for a quick and easy fire.
Made from a combination of wax and sawdust, citronella logs are clean burning and designed for ease of use. Citronella logs typically have a burn time of around one hour and do not require the preparation before lighting that traditional wood fires do making them a good choice for many people. .

Remove the top or open the door of a fireplace or fire pit if necessary.

Place a citronella fire log in the center of the stove, pit or chimenea. Turn the log so that the edge of the paper wrapped around the log is accessible.

Light the edge of the paper wrapper with a match or lighter on both ends.

Replace the lid or close the door on the fire pit or fire place to contain sparks that could be produced as the citronella log burns.

Things You Will Need

  • Citronella fire log
  • Outdoor fireplace, chimenea or fire pit
  • Match or lighter

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