Instructions for Edsal Rivet Lock Shelving Assembly

Edsal makes an industrial shelving system designed for holding lots of storage boxes and other materials. Unlike most steel shelving units, Edsal uses rivet lock boltless beams, which means you can set up the shelves without using a wrench to tighten bolts. The best part about this construction technique is you can set up one of these shelving units in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Lay all of the shelving components out on the floor. You will have long frame pieces as well as shelf beams and particle board decks. The frame pieces will have holes intermittently along the pieces. The beams will have connectors at each end.

Step 2

Locate the height on the frame piece where you would like to place a shelf. Slide the connector end of the beam into the hole on the frame piece. Snap the connector in place.

Step 3

Snap the end of the same beam into a hole at the same height of another frame piece.

Step 4

Fit a beam between two frame pieces and snap the ends in place. You will now have constructed the front and back halves of the shelving.

Step 5

Connect a beam to the other side of one of the frame pieces so that it is at a 90-degree angle to the other beam and at the seam height. Connect this beam to the remaining half of the shelving so that it is at a 90-degree angle to the other beam. Most of the shelving will now be complete. One gap will remain on one end of the shelving.

Step 6

Add another beam in the gap and connect the ends to the frame pieces. You will now be able to stand the shelving up.

Step 7

Place one of the particle board decks in the middle of the shelving to form the shelf. Add as many more shelves as you would like by repeating the process.

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