How Do I Clean the Motor of My Series E Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner?

Rainbow is a water-based vacuum and cleaning system manufacturer.
Most vacuum cleaners are prone to clogging no matter how you use them.
Each unit should have a serial number which can be used to identify your model when seeking technical support or looking for a warranty. The power unit and separator can be removed for cleaning. Never immerse the power unit completely in water. Most issues can be resolved by cleaning either the filter, separator or power unit. The motor is located behind the filter and should not be cleaned directly unless you are a professional. .

Step 1

Remove and clean the separator. Rainbow recommends cleaning the round separator between the top and basin between every use. Remove the nut on the top of the unit with a wrench and clean with warm soapy water. Dish detergent or shampoo will remove any collected grime from the separator. Scrub gently using the brush included with your model. For best results, you should also be sure that the area around the separator where it connects to the unit is clear of debris.

Step 2

Remove the power unit from the water basin between uses. The water basin should be clean and completely empty after use. Dry completely by air or with a paper towel. Wipe the power unit with a dry soft cloth.

Step 3

Remove and clean the filter. Many problems with the motor may be related to the Hepa Neutralizer which blocks sound and any material that needs to remain dry. Press up on the two latches on the rear side of the panel of the machine to view the filter. Lift the back panel up and toward you. Remove the filter by gripping the top and pulling up and toward you. Run the filter under the faucet rectangular side up. Let run for about one minute, then tap and shake the filter until water runs out of the rectangular opening. Repeat until no dirt or debris come out of the filter.

Step 4

Check the motor for obvious dirt or rust. After removing the back panel and filter, the motor will be visible. If no other solutions have proved effective, you may need to further dissemble the vacuum to clean the motor. More likely, however, cleaning the other units will solve any problem. Use a soft dry cloth first to remove any buildup that may have gotten through the filter, then scrub with steel wool if necessary.

Step 5

Contact customer care at 248-643-7222 for more complex maintenance issues.

Things You Will Need

  • Wrench
  • Separator brush
  • Soap
  • Soft cloth
  • Steel wool