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How to Cut Through an Aluminum Door

Lisa Wampler

Most aluminum doors are hollow inside. Otherwise, they would be too heavy in most applications. In general, each side of an aluminum door is between 0.075 inch and 0.10 inch thick. For a door with any thickness, hollow or solid, you must use a specific tool when cutting the aluminum to avoid melting the door.

  1. Secure a carbide blade to a table saw if the door is no longer attached to the wall. Attach a carbide cutter to a cut-off saw if the door is still attached to the wall. Since you will cut with the slowest possible speed for your saw, carbide is best for removing the chip for the teeth on the saw blade. Using high-speed steel blades will cause the aluminum to melt quickly.

  2. Place the saw on the lowest speed possible. If the door is still hanging, place a drop cloth, towel or old blanket on the floor next to the door to catch the cutting oil.

  3. Fill a squirt bottle with cutting oil. If possible, have a second person apply the oil to the cutting surface as you cut. This gives you two free hands to work the material or the saw.

  4. Slowly feed the aluminum door across the saw blade of your table saw as you or the second person applies a steady stream of cutting oil to the cutting surface of the aluminum. If you are using a cut-off saw, apply the oil just in front of the saw blade as you cut.