How to Build a Jukebox Cabin

Laura Catella

Few pieces of furniture can be as fun as a jukebox. Jukeboxes bring family and friends together to sing and dance. Building a cabin for your jukebox can showcase your creativity, save you money, and protect your jukebox over time.

Beautify your jukebox with a customized cabin.
  1. Measure your jukebox. Note each dimension of your jukebox, including height, width, and depth. These measurements will govern how you cut your wood.

  2. Cut the back panel of your jukebox cabin by cutting your largest wood panel on your table saw. Make it at least 5 inches wider and 5 inches taller than your actual jukebox. For example, if your jukebox is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, you'd cut a 6.5-by-4.5-foot plank of wood.

  3. Cut the side panels similarly, making sure they are at least 5 inches taller and 5 inches deeper than your jukebox. You want your cabin's sides to extend the depth of the jukebox to protect it.

  4. Cut the bottom and top panels of your jukebox cabin so that they are 5 inches longer and 5 inches wider than your jukebox.

  5. Stain the individual pieces of wood to your liking, and add other design or decoration as your style dictates.

  6. Attach these pieces of wood together using your wood adhesive. Allow at least 24 hours for the cabin to properly dry.

  7. Place your cabin in the desired location and gently slide your jukebox into it. Your jukebox will be better protected from the elements, while still having the front in full view and easily accessible.