How to Wire a Two Pole Contactor

An example of a two-pole contactor is a double-pole switch. This can be a light switch or toggle switch that has two live wires connected. These types of switches are typically wired to 240-volt appliances in your home, such as a dryer or a stove. This type of switch is wired in a similar fashion as a standard switch but has a few more wires that need to be connected.

  1. Turn off the breaker for the room where you need to wire the switch at the circuit panel.

  2. Run the electrical wire from the circuit panel and the appliance to the location of the switch. There will be four pairs of wires, with two four black wires, two white wires and two ground wires that need to be in the electrical box.

  3. Loosen the screws on each side the double-pole light switch with the screwdriver.

  4. Strip ½ an inch of the insulation for each of the electrical wires with the wire strippers. Bend the end of the black wires with the pliers into a "U" shape.

  5. Attach each black wire to a screw terminal and tighten the screws. Twist together the two white colored wires. Place a wire nut over the wires and turn to tighten.

  6. Cut a 6-inch piece of the 10-gauge green wire with the wire cutters. Strip ½ an inch of insulation from both end of the wire. Bend one end of the wire with the pliers into a "U" shape. Twist together the two remaining green wires with the other end of the 10-gauge wire. Secure a wire nut on the wires.

  7. Loosen the green screw that is at the bottom of the double-pole switch. Attach the end of the 10-gauge wire to the screw and tighten.

  8. Insert the switch into the electrical box and secure it by tightening the screws.

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