How to Wire a Generator to Power a Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are used for many purposes such as water fountains and water features or for pumping water from a pond to the top of a waterfall. They are electrically powered and can connect directly to your domestic electricity supply or if your pond is too far away from an electrical supply, the pump can be wired to a generator. The cable that's connected to the submersible pump can easily be wired to the generator.

Submersible pumps are used in all types of water features.
  1. Place your generator in a suitable position so that the cable from the submersible pump can reach the generator. It's best to place the generator as far away from the water as possible for aesthetic reasons and safety.

  2. Remove about two inches of the outer plastic on the end of the submersible cable. The covering is tougher than regular cable as it's made specifically for outdoor and underwater use so you need to use a suitably sharp knife to cut around the covering. You find two internal wires; most submersible pumps are not wired to ground. One internal wire is colored white or gray while the other is colored and black, red or possibly orange. The colors represent negative and positive respectively.

  3. Remove ΒΌ-inch of colored plastic from the ends of the two internal wires using wire strippers. Twist the exposed metal core so the strands stay together using your fingers or a pair of long-nosed pliers.

  4. Open the terminal connector cover on the generator. Loosen the two terminal connectors on the generator. Use screwdriver or a wrench, depending whether the terminals use screw or nut fixings.

  5. Insert the white or gray wire under the terminal connector labeled "Neu", "Neg" or "-" and then tighten the screw or nut using the screwdriver or wrench.

  6. Insert the black, red or orange wire under the terminal connector labeled "Hot", "Pos", "Live" or "=" and then tighten the nut or screw. Close the terminal connector cover and your generator is ready to power your submersible pump.

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