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How to Wire a Hotpoint Dryer

Andrew Todd

Hotpoint dryers do not ship from the factory with a pre-wired power cord. The reason for this is that there are four possible wiring configurations that may apply to your home. Depending on the wiring in your home, your laundry area has either a dryer outlet or a conduit cable that must be wired to the dryer, connecting it directly to your home's electrical system. Additionally, if local building codes permit appliances to be grounded using the neutral post, the outlet or conduit cable will have three wires. If the building code requires that appliances be grounded using a separate ground, four wires must be connected to the dryer.

  1. Turn off the dryer breaker in your service panel prior to wiring your Hotpoint dryer.

  2. Remove the terminal cover on the rear of the dryer. To remove, unscrew the screw on the side of the cover and then pull the cover off.

  3. Install a squeeze connector if you are installing a conduit cable, or install a strain relief if you are installing a power cord in the hole on the right side of the terminal block housing. Follow the installation instructions on the squeeze connector or strain relief packaging for specific installation instructions.

  4. Insert the conduit cable through the squeeze connector, or insert the power cord through the strain relief. Provide enough slack so that the terminals on the end of the cable or cord can easily reach the dryer terminals and then tighten the squeeze connector or strain relief screws to secure the cable or cord in place.

  5. Remove the middle screw from the terminal block. If installing a four-wire cord or cable, remove the grounding screw, located to the left of the middle screw, and then discard the metallic grounding strap connected to both terminals. Do not remove the grounding screw or strap if installing a three-wire cord or cable.

  6. Insert the middle screw through the hole in the white wire's ring connector and then reinstall the screw to make the connection. Ensure that the grounding strap is installed on the middle terminal if using a three-wire cable or cord.

  7. Remove the top and bottom screws. Insert each screw into one of the holes on the black power cable ring connectors and reinstall the screws to make the connections.

  8. Insert the grounding screw through the hole on the ground wire ring connector, which is often green, and then reinstall the screw into the grounding terminal. This step applies only to four-wire installations.

  9. Replace the terminal block cover and secure using the screw that was removed.