How to Lubricate O-Rings

O-rings are doughnut-shaped gaskets that help block the free flow of air, gases or fluids. They are utilized on devices such as automotive coolant systems and waterproof camera housings. O-rings are usually made from a flexible synthetic rubber or a thermoplastic polymer. If not properly lubricated, O-rings will dry out and crack, rendering the ring useless.

Properly lubricating an O-ring will make it last longer.

Step 1

Inspect the O-ring for pre-existing cracks or tears that may indicate that the ring needs to be replaced.

Step 2

Place the tip of the lubricant nozzle directly on to the O-ring.

Step 3

Squeeze the lubricant bottle lightly to apply lubricant to the O-ring.

Step 4

Repeat Steps Two and Three on the opposite side of the O-ring to ensure that the entire ring is lubricated.

Step 5

Run your finger around the O-ring to spread the lubricant around it's entire circumference.

Step 6

Wipe away any excess lubricant with a rag.

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