How to Troubleshoot an Amano MJR-8000

Meredith Jameson

The Amano MJR-8000 is a computerized time recorder for commercial use designed to monitor employee hours for up to 250 people. The unit can accommodate two overtime categories, break and lunch times, flexible rounding, and a power reserve. The MJR-8000 weighs less than 18 lbs. and can fit in relatively compact places. Sold with a limited warranty, most minor problems and error codes can likely be resolved through basic troubleshooting. If the problem persists, contact Amano for assistance.

  1. Plug the Amano into a power outlet if nothing on the machine operates. Replace or reset the fuse or circuit breaker as necessary.

  2. Take the time card out and turn it over if the error code "0-01" appears. Reinsert the time card face up.

  3. Insert a time card that doesn't already have an assigned number if the error code "0-08" appears. If the employee has already been assigned a time card number, verify the correct time card is inserted.

  4. Use the "Lock Out Release" card if the error "0-12" appears. This indicates that a time card was inserted during a lock-out period as determined by the administrator.

  5. Check the user access code and re-enter if "1-20" appears. Ensure the correct employee master file number is used. Use a valid overtime limit for the time card between "00:00 and 60:00."

  6. Re-enter the password if the error "2-01" appears.

  7. Enter in a different department number if the error "2-11" appears, indicating that department number is already in use.

  8. Turn the key switch to "Function" and press "CL" if the error "8-85x" or "8-88x" appears. Re-enter the data.

  9. Check the clock and reset if necessary if the error code "9-50x" appears, indicating that the clock time is incorrect.