How to Properly Use the Bissel Steam Powerbrush

Bissell makes several different models of Powerbrush such as the Bissell Power Steamer Powerbrush.

Cleaning your own carpets is a great way to save money. However, if you are not familiar with the process of cleaning with a Bissell Steam Powerbrush, you need to focus on a few small details to make the process go smoothly. Following the process outlined by Bissell will ensure you get your floors the cleanest they can be. .

Remove furniture from the room, unless you only plan to clean high traffic areas. Vacuum the carpet with a standard vacuum cleaner before cleaning with the Powerbrush.

Press the release handle on the back of the unit next to the left wheel. This allows you to tilt the handle back.

Lift up the handle on the tank located on the front of the unit and carry it to a sink. Rotate the handle back to unlock and lift the lid from the tank.

Fill the measuring cup with Bissell Deep Cleaning Formula (the cup is attached to the bottle) and pour the liquid into the tank.

Fill the tank to the bottom of the filler neck with hot water. Pour slowly to reduce the amount of suds produced from the cleaner. Do not use boiling water to fill the tank.

Place the tank lid onto the tank, lift the handle, and secure the tank to the Power Steamer. Lower the handle to lock the tank into place.

Connect the Power Steamer to a 110-volt outlet and turn on the unit.

Press the spray trigger on the handle and make one forward and backward pass with the trigger pressed. Let go of the trigger and complete a forward and backward pass over the wet area without using the spray trigger.

Move the cleaner to the next spot adjacent to the first spot if necessary and repeat the steam cleaning process. Duplicate this until you clean all of the dirty areas you plan to clean.

Vacuum with the Power Steamer until you can no longer pick up sudsy water from the floor. Make sure you are not using the spray trigger during this process.

Things You Will Need

  • Bissell carpet care cleaner


  • During the process of cleaning, you might have to empty and refill the tank. In addition, when finished, you must empty the tank and clean it. To do this, Remove the tank from the cleaner, remove the lid and dump the dirty water into a toilet. Pull the screen from the underside of the tank lid and rinse the screen off under tap water. Place the screen back into the tank lid. Rinse the dirt out of the tank with tap water. Refill if you need to continue cleaning. If not, place the lid back onto the tank and reattach it to the cleaner for storage.

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