How to Access a Maytag Front Load Dryer

A Maytag brand front loading clothes dryer has an access panel installed on its case. Behind this access panel is the control board to the dryer, which you may need to access if you begin having problems with the unit and need to troubleshoot it. You can access the panel on your Maytag front loading clothes dryer in a specific way. You must take the appropriate safety precautions to avoid injury.

  1. Unplug your Maytag front loading dryer's power cable from its wall outlet. Because the control panel you're accessing contains components that are using electricity, it is not a good idea to access this panel with electricity flowing through the unit.

  2. Find the location of the Maytag front loading dryer access panel. Depending on your exact model, this will be either on the front of the unit beneath the dryer door or on the back of the unit. If the panel is on the back of the unit, you will need to pull your dryer away from the wall to give yourself enough room to get back there.

  3. Remove the cover to the Maytag access panel. If your dryer features this panel on the front of the unit, it will likely pull directly off of the unit, allowing access to the inside. If the panel is on the back of the unit, use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cover to the main body of the dryer and pull it off with your hands.

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