How to Remove a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Single room air conditioners provide you with comfort especially during hot summer days.

Do not lift an air conditioner by yoursel to avoid injury.Do not lift an air conditioner by yoursel to avoid injury.
Room air conditioners come in many forms and sizes, but the wall-mounted type is one of the most common types of air conditioning units seen in residential areas. Air conditioners have a limited utility life, meaning sooner or later it will be necessary to remove your wall-mounted air conditioning unit. Removing a wall-mounted air conditioning unit is not a difficult task, but is one that definitely requires an assistant.

Unplug the air conditioner from its power source. Carefully pull the plastic front cover of the unit on each side (let and right) one at a time to remove the cover. Remove any attached drain hose that is connected to the unit. Have an assistant hold the case, and slowly pull the unit forward until it is fully withdrawn from its case. Lay the unit on a lat surface.

View the inside of the unit's casing. Locate any screws used to fasten the casing to the studs or plates around the unit's casing, and remove such screws, using a screwdriver. Pry away any portion of the casing that has gotten stuck to studs or plates around the casing, using a wonder bar.

Pull the casing slowly out of the wall opening to remove it. Take extra care when handling the casing to avoid cuts that can be caused by sharp metal edges. Place the casing carefully on a flat surface.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Wonder bar


  • A wall-mounted air conditioner is heavy, do not attempt to pull it out of its casing, or to lift it by yourself.

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