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How to Remove Bosch Dishwasher Kick Plates

Kenneth Crawford

Diagnosing problems or making repairs to the dishwasher often requires getting to the parts under the dishwasher unit. The same is true of a Bosch dishwasher. Like most dishwashers, Bosch uses a decorative kick plate to protect and hide the working components under the dishwasher.

Removing Bosch dishwasher kick plates depends on the type of unit you own. Some Bosch dishwashers have an additional plate to help dampen sounds coming from under the dishwasher during operation.

  1. Disconnect power to the Bosch dishwasher at the household circuit breaker. Wires and electrical components are directly behind the toe panel. Turning off the power prevents accidental shocks.

  2. Remove the screw on each end of the kick plate with a nut driver. Pull the kick plate down slightly and away from the dishwasher.

  3. Pull the insulation strip from under the plastic access base with your fingers if your Bosch unit has an access base in addition to the kick plate.

  4. Grasp the sides of the base plate and pull the bottom of the base plate forward while pulling it away from the dishwasher.